Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hello from Denmark

Jessica finishing strong at the finish if the 15.7k run / 90k bike/ 7.5 run and finish a solid 4th at the Worlds Championship in denmark

Melisa finishing and becoming the 20-24 yrs old World Champion.
Look Closely and you can see the rain comeing down.
Melisa could careless.

Melisa finishing her second lap of the 7.5 k run.
The yellow rope around her neck tells the officials that she has completed the first of two laps.
Look at her face she was afraid that the girl behind her was going to catch her. Melisa was very focus and winning the Worlds Championship for 20-24 age group.
You cannot tell but it is raining.

Jessica startes the Bike partion which was not friendly to any of the competitor.

Melisa at T1, starting the bike part. 90K bike with rain,
15-30 mph wind and 40 degree weather.

Melisa is running strong at 15.7 K.
Melisa and Taylor discussing the race tactics.

Game Face on and ready to take the Worlds Championship Title

Tuesday in Denmark

Our first meal in Denmark...CHEESEBURGERS! (with cucumbers..I think we have stumbled upon something new)

Taylor blending with the Japanese Crowd...You like chick-fri-rice

Opening Ceremonies..just for us, well and the rest of the athletes. (375 total)

We like to party!

And now presenting...The Nice Little Penguins (the band from Denmark)

Team ATS in Denmark..outside the county court house!

In Copenhagen enjoying the sights. This was right down from our Hotel

Thre are thousands of bikes everywhere. At $2.00 a liter for gas, biking around is not a deal.

Denmark had roads for the dikes right next to the main road all over town and outside of town as well.

This is a lady going to work in Denmark, See who needs cycling clothes.

This is a ride at Tivoli amusement park and they are about 100 yards up. The ride goes up and down for a number of times.

The girls enjoying riding around town and checking out the lake view.

This is one of a 100 building that is huge and incredible to see